Tessa's Wedding - Summer 2018

Tessa's Wedding - Summer 2018


About Zola [Earth] Finds...

Hi, we are Tessa and Amelia and we are the sisters who founded Zola {Earth} Finds.

Zola Finds is a small //pre loved// retail business. All items have been found at thrift stores, garage sales, online, side of the road, etc. The point of this business is to provide you, the buyer, with unique pieces of either clothing or home decor to add into your life & to help eliminate fast shopping. Shopping //pre loved// items not only gives back purpose to an item but it also helps with reducing waste. "In a single year, Canada produces enough textile waste - like clothing or home decor, to create a mountain three times the size of the Toronto's Roger Centre Stadium."

Zola [Earth] Finds is a great place to shop //pre loved// items, reduce waste and to develop a unique collection of finds. 

Happy shopping!