[natural] Mud Cloth Pillow

[natural] Mud Cloth Pillow


[natural 01] Mud Cloth Pillow

Materials Used:
- authentic Mud Cloth made in Africa
- Organic Cotton made in Canada
- pre loved feather pillow insert

Mud Cloth:
Mud Cloth is a 3’ X 5’ piece of material that has been created by hand. The process is the following: once the material is sewn together, it is put into a dye bath made up of crushed N’Gallama leaves (African Birch Tree). Once the piece has soaked in the dye bath for an appropriate amount of time, it is then hung in the sun to dry. Wooden and metal tools are used to create the unique designs and patterns. A mud residue made up of mud harvested from river banks that has then been fermented in a clay jar for at least a year, is used as a paint to create these designs. The chemical reaction between the N’Gallama leaves and the mud allows the designs to stay on the finished piece.

Care Instructions:
- fill tub with cold water and add mild/natural soap
- add pillow cover to tub and gently stir
- soak pillow cover in water for 5 minutes
- rinse pillow cover with cold water
- gently ring any access water - be very gentle as to not stress the Mud Cloth fabric
- hang to dry

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